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78_tarot's Journal

The Tarot Writing Challenge Community
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Welcome to yet another of those lovely writing communities that seems to be so popular on LJ. Like all other communities we are here for fun. This community uses the meanings of the tarot cards as themes for your writing. Now, if you know anything about tarot cards you know that one can mean several things, so which meaning you choose is up to you, but there are a few rules.

1) Please be polite. I don't care if you have a character or a pairing or a general fandom. That is your choice, but do not, and I repeat do not flame the writer. That is not only rude but it is a violation of the rules and if you are complained about twice I will remove you from the community. You have been warned, okay?

2) Reviews. They are the heart and soul of inspiration for many writers. Please review stories you read. It is polite. ^______^

3) All ratings and types of stories are welcome. Want to write slash? Go ahead. Want to write incest? Feel free. The only requirement is that you do infact put a warning on your story. Remember, not every body is into what you are.

4) All fandoms are welcome. All books, all movies, all video games, and yes, real people as well. Have original characters you want to share with the world? Be my guest. Just have fun with it!

5) Minimal requirement for post is a drabble. What is a drabble? A picture that is 100 words. Is there a maximum length? Nope, not at all. It can be as long as you want. ^___^

6) Please use either an LJ cut or a fake cut. They keep from cluttering the community and the friend's page.

7) You can claim a general series, a couple, a single person, a group, a non-romantic couple, a threesome, most anything. But make sure you label them properly and give their full names if available. Cross-overs are also welcome.

8) You can claim up to four different things at a time, but only two can be from the same fandom.

9) There is no time limit. I only ask that you try to post at least once every two months. Not such a big thing is it?

10) You like drabbles? Great. You wrote a bunch at a time? Even better! But post them all together. It stops from spamming the community. 11) When posting to the community the title should be as follows:
(Fandom-Claim- Prompt)
(Final Fantasy VII- Vincent Valentine- Devil)
This makes it easier for me to tag and add to the memories later on.

12) Posting format. Please post as follows:
Word Count:

If you wish to you may also add:

Author's Notes:

Need an example? See below:

Title: The Fantasy
Fandom:Final Fantasy VII
Characters:Yuffie Kisaragi/Vincent Valentine
Claim: Vincent Valentine
Prompt: Star
Word Count: 5,605
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sex...
Author's Notes: Written to make a friend happy. ^____^
Summary: Sometimes things don't go as planned.....

12) Up to two people are allowed to stake the same claim.

13) You can find the meanings of the tarot cards here.

14) Above all have fun!

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